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Monday, October 23, 2017

Scheduling in Physical Activity to Your Busy Life of Sobriety

Scheduling in Physical Activity to Your Busy Life of Sobriety

Scheduling in Physical Activity to Your Busy Life of Sobriety

Whether you’re new to sobriety or been around for awhile, you may be very busy.  As you start to put your life back together, you will learn sobriety keeps you occupied with various activities.  You may even wonder how you used to fit drugs and alcohol in the mix.  Being in recovery is about being of service and selflessly helping others.  This could include taking on various commitments at twelve step meetings or helping a friend in need.  Your phone may always be ringing for some reason.  Staying connected in recovery is a fantastic thing and highly encouraged, but you also need to make sure to find time for yourself, as well.  You don’t want to get so overwhelmed you crash and burn later.  Finding a healthy balance will get you far.

It’s possible you may have commitments at a few different meetings.  In addition to your meetings, you need to find time to get together with your sponsor or mentor.  You may also have a full time job, as well.  Learning to find time to take just for yourself will be beneficial.  While meetings can be imperative to sobriety, it’s okay if you take a day or two of the week to yourself to do some form of physical activity.  Being physically active is of the same importance to your well-being as mental activity.  Furthermore, physical activity can increase the brain’s ability to grasp more information.  
The thought of exercising for some is taunting.  People who are busy are exhausted by the end of the day.  Physical activity doesn’t have to include extreme weight lifting or deep squats.  It simply means getting out and getting your muscles moving and your heart pumping.  This could be as simple as a brisk walk in the morning before work.  There are also highly enjoyable hobbies that come with a great deal of exercise, such as surfing or bicycling.  You may find you enjoy these activities so much, it doesn’t feel like exercise.  During physical exercise, you’re in a deep concentration.  This allows for relaxation and promotes problem solving.  You enter your own dimension and your mind, body, and spirit become one.  Finding time for this in sobriety is just as important as attending meetings or working with a sponsor.  It allows your mind to be more susceptible to information for an overall wellness.
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