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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Essential Habits for Successful Recovery

Essential Habits for Successful Recovery

Essential Habits for Successful Recovery

Sobriety is more than abstinence from mind altering substances; it is a way of life.  If you’re new to sobriety, you need to develop new habits.  A person in the midst of their addiction suffers from bad decisions.  When we’re under the influence of drugs and alcohol, we have poor judgement skills.  We are unable to understand the depth of a situation, which is one reason most addicts and alcoholics find their lives spiraling out of control.  You may hear many people in recovery refer to the term H.A.L.T.  This means do not allow yourself to get too hungry, angry, lonely, or tired.  If you do, you’re sobriety may be in jeopardy.  
Hunger can refer to the term in a literal sense or a metaphorical way.  People who wait until they’re overly hungry make rash decisions.  Think about going to the grocery store when you’re hungry.  You are more likely to buy cheetos and ice cream if you’re hungry than if you’re satisfied.  The same concept carries through to sobriety.  Balancing a good diet and healthy nutrition is important.  Addiction has been partly linked to nutrition deficiencies, therefore a good diet will help cravings.  
Anger is a characteristic many people who have gone through addiction struggle with.  Addicts and alcoholics don’t know how to handle their problems so they use.  When they’re under the influence, they become easily angered.  Recovery is all about forgiveness and finding more appropriate outlets of handling anger and stress.  If you feel angry, it is time to call your sponsor, go for a run, or do some meditation.  Anger causes resentment, and resentment is addiction’s best friend.
Isolation in sobriety is a dangerous place.  Many new people say they feel like there’s a deep hole inside of them.  You have been filling that void with drugs and alcohol, but now it’s time to develop new interests to fulfill the emptiness that addiction left.  You may not know where to start, so taking commitments at meetings and being of service is a good place to begin.  This will allow you to meet others and gives a great sense of pride.  It is also recommended that you get a sponsor or mentor to get through hard times.  Having someone to call when loneliness hits will help you get through instead of jeopardizing your sobriety.  
Getting enough rest is vital in recovery.  Research has shown those with unhealthy sleep patterns are more likely to relapse.  When you’re sleep deprived, all of your problems appear worse than they are.  It is also harder to come up with appropriate solutions.  Making sure you get enough shuteye and practicing the H.A.L.T. approach in recovery will ensure you are not getting complacent and staying connected, for long-term sobriety.

Treatment and recovery for addiction should be simple. Simple Recovery offers dual diagnosis treatment for men and women in a multiphase format encouraging growth and development. Going back to school, back to work, or engaging in volunteer work, our clients waste no time starting their new lives as they continue to heal in mind, body, and spirit.

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