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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Sexual Compulsivity vs. Hypersexuality

Sexual Compulsivity vs. Hypersexuality

Sexual Compulsivity vs. Hypersexuality

There are many things in the world a person can become addicted do.  When people picture addiction, they may think of hard drugs and homelessness, but there’s much more to it.  Addiction is the brain’s response to something pleasurable, which can also include food and sex.  In terms of reaction, the brain releases an increased amount of dopamine when pleasure in any form is received, which results in a euphoric state.  A person with a sexual addiction thrives and gets high from a myriad of sexual acts.  

There are various terms that refer to sexual addiction and one of them is hypersexuality.  Hypersexuality is quite similar to drug addiction and alcoholism.  If you suffer from sex addiction, you likely have obsessive, recurrent sexual fantasies.  The obsession typically becomes too powerful for you to fight, so you act upon it.  Like drug and alcohol addiction, you may start partaking in activities recreationally, such as masturbation or one night stands.  These start to get boring so you may increase the riskiness of your behavior.  For instance, continual masturbation may become boring and no longer create the euphoria you’re looking for, so you start hiring prostitutes or going to sexual clubs to fulfill your desire.

By the time someone suffering from sexual addiction is ready for help, their activities may have become extremely risky or even dangerous.  When you’re so consumed and overwhelmed by sexual fantasies, the thought of being safe doesn’t cross your mind because you’re more concerned with calming the obsessions.  A sexual addict may have had hundreds of partners with which they didn’t use any protection.  Many addicts find themselves contracting various sexually transmitted diseases because of carelessness.  

For a sex addict, obsessive thoughts result in sexual compulsivity.  Cravings for the high brought on by fulfilling a sexual fantasy are so strong that a person generally cannot refrain.  Therefore, sexual compulsivity results in hypersexuality, or sex addiction.  A person suffering from hypersexuality may find it hard to function normally on a daily basis.  The thoughts can disrupt your job and relationships.  Most sex addicts are not able to maintain intimate relationships because they emotionally detach themselves from others.  Sexual addiction, if left untreated, could even lead to paraphilias and illegal activities.  Many people who suffer from hypersexuality are deeply ashamed so they don’t seek help, but sexual addiction is actually quite common.  If you find yourself participating in risky and sexually compulsive acts due to obsessive thoughts, it is time to seek help for your addiction.

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