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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Signs of a Gambling Addiction

Signs of a Gambling Addiction

Signs of a Gambling Addiction

Gambling is an activity that dates centuries back.  It is believed that Ancient Greeks and Romans loved gambling all sorts of things on the streets of Ancient Rome.  Gambling is defined as playing games of chance for money, but the definition used to better understand the propensity for addiction is taking risky action in hopes for a desired result.  Gambling is just that, a risky action.  Playing games and betting money can be quite fun, especially if you win.  There likely isn’t a person out there who doesn’t want to win.  Yet, the reality of the world is that you can’t always win, as much as you want to.  Sometimes people become so immensely wrapped up in the desire to win, they don’t know how to walk away if they’re not.  They keep trying and trying, hoping for the result until a true addiction forms.

Gambling addiction is a disorder that affects your ability to control your impulses.  A person without an addiction will know when to walk away, but someone with will continue to gamble, regardless of their financial and mental state.  You might tell yourself that you’ll stop at a certain time or when you’ve lost a specific amount of money, but never hold true to your word.  When you have a gambling addiction, you might lie to your friends or family about where you’ve been or how much you lost.  You tell yourself and others you just need to win your money back, then you’ll stop, but such a thing can be impossible.  Your debts keep increasing despite others expressing concern for your behavior.  

Many people with a gambling addiction suffer from a co-occurring disorder, meaning they also have other addictions or mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, or ADHD.  Gambling addiction typically coincides with substance abuse, likely because a person is extremely stressed about their losses or they’re celebrating their victories.  Betting for an addict creates a huge thrill of adrenaline, similar to a drug addict scoring their next fix.  Just the same, a gambling addict needs to keep increasing their bets in order to create the same rush, which can result in massive losses.

Fortunately, gambling addiction is well known, so there is a great deal of help available if you are suffering.  Inpatient treatment programs can be beneficial to those who can’t seem to stop on their own.  Behavioral therapy and discovering the reasons behind your urges will help you overcome your addiction.  Stop losing and start winning by gaining control of your life again.

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