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Thursday, November 2, 2017

What are the Signs of an Alcohol Overdose

What are the Signs of an Alcohol Overdose

What are the Signs of an Alcohol Overdose

For many people, alcohol is fun way to celebrate and relax.  Getting off work and grabbing a cold beer or glass of wine can quickly become a habit.  There are times when people, mainly alcoholics, go overboard and drink themselves into oblivion.  Some may think of alcohol as harmless and that your body forbids you from drinking too much by inducing vomiting.  While it’s true that vomiting can be a sign of alcohol overdose, it can be much more serious and potentially life threatening.
Alcohol poisoning occurs when there is too much alcohol in the bloodstream.  The over consumption starts to affect areas of the body that control basic functioning, such as the brain, heart, and lungs.  When you drink alcohol, the first thing affected is your brain.  It causes your speech, memory, and coordination to be impaired.  At this point, there is a perceived sense of relaxation, therefore many people drink more in an attempt to increase the euphoria.  
As your blood alcohol concentration increases, so do the effects of alcohol.  Physical symptoms will start becoming very prominent and can include balance impairment and vomiting.  Increased aggression also happens to many people who have had too much to drink.  Amnesia followed by lack of consciousness may come next.  When you’re at this stage, your life is in potential danger.  Many women who drink too much become the victims of rape or other forms of physical or sexual violence.  
Many people are under the impression that once you have lost consciousness, you simply need to sleep it off, but this isn’t true.  Even when you’re unconscious, your blood alcohol concentration level continues to rise.  Your heart rate can slow to a dangerous pace.  A sign this is happening is if a person is only taking 8 breaths per minute or has a 10 second or more pause between breaths.  Alcohol poisoning can also cause dulled responses, such as no gag reflex.  Vomiting is a well-known symptom of alcohol overdose.  If a person is still conscious, they may have the ability to release the vomit.  However, when you are unconscious with an impaired gag reflex, it becomes possible that you could choke on the vomit, resulting in severe brain damage or death.  
Alcohol poisoning is not something to be taken lightly.  The effects of over consumption can be life threatening.  When blood sugar and body temperature drop to dangerously low levels, it can cause seizures and hypothermia.  If you or your loved ones experience these symptoms regularly, it may be time to get professional help before it gets worse.

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