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Friday, November 3, 2017

You Don’t Have to Study What You Want to Do (or Who You Want to Be)

You Don’t Have to Study What You Want to Do (or Who You Want to Be)

You Don’t Have to Study What You Want to Do (or Who You Want to Be)

Many people who suffer from addiction have big dreams.  They hope one day their disease will be overcome and they’ll be able to go to school to become a doctor or open their own business.  Yet, it’s important to note that success isn’t measured by how long you went to school or how much money you make.  There are millionaires out there that are miserable.  If you’re successful, it’s because you’ve achieved internal happiness and have learned to love yourself.  Addiction tries to teach us that we’re useless and will never amount to anything.  The process of recovery is what teaches us value and who we want to be.
If you’re new to the life of sobriety, you will understand the guilt and deep shame you feel during addiction.  When you’re addicted to a substance, it makes you do disgraceful and humiliating things.  Conversely, in recovery you will learn what it feels like to be successful.  Success is defined as an accomplishment of an aim or purpose.  By achieving sobriety, you have already accomplished great success.
Now that you’ve acquired sobriety, it’s important for you to set attainable goals for who you want to become as a person.  Most addicts and alcoholics are selfish people.  Self-seeking is the nature of the disease of addiction.  You are not a bad person trying to get good; you are a sick person trying to get well.  Characteristic traits such as humility, honesty, and kindness are desired qualities in a person.  They can define who you are as a person.  No school or amount of study can teach you that.  A wise man named Lou Holtz once said, “Do right.  Do your best.  Treat others as you want to be treated.”  By doing this, you will become the person you have always dreamed.
When you practice characteristics of a kind and ethical person, you may see things begin to materialize for you.  Word of mouth spreads faster than any other way, and people will begin to speak of your benevolence and you may see opportunities arise.  Either way, you have already achieved the biggest accomplishment in life, which is being sober.  You attained a goal you set for yourself and that is something no amount of studying can bring.  Welcome to your new victorious life; your opportunities have been waiting for you.

Treatment and recovery for addiction should be simple. Simple Recovery offers dual diagnosis treatment for men and women in a multiphase format encouraging growth and development. Going back to school, back to work, or engaging in volunteer work, our clients waste no time starting their new lives as they continue to heal in mind, body, and spirit.

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