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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Telling Classmates You’re Sober

Telling Classmates You’re Sober

Telling Classmates You’re Sober

Acquiring and maintaining sobriety can be immensely difficult for an alcoholic.  Addiction isn’t a disease that developed overnight.  Months, years, and potentially decades of abuse buildup before a person makes the decision to seek help.  Being in college can be an especially hard time to become sober because many people around you drink on a regular basis.  There are weekly, if not daily, parties to attend and you may still want to spend time with friends even though you’re sober.

In early recovery, coming up with reasons to tell your classmates about why you don’t drink can be challenging.  You’re in quite a vulnerable state and revealing the full truth may not always be the best choice.  It’s important to note you don’t owe anyone an explanation about your life decisions, past, present, or future.  People often feel they have some undue right to know information about others, but it’s really none of their business.  If classmates are asking you about why you’re not drinking and you’d rather not say, then don’t.  

If you were an alcoholic for a significant amount of time before getting sober, as most people are, chances are most people already know why you’re not drinking.  Alcoholics think they’re professionals at hiding their disease, but alcoholism is sloppy and the only person you were fooling was yourself.  Classmates who knew the extent of your alcoholism will likely be relieved to learn you’re not drinking.  

The most difficult group of people to tell you’re sober are previous drinking buddies.  Sobriety helps reveal who your true friends are.  Friends you used to drink with probably won’t be happy about your decision.  They may see your choice as personal betrayal or an attack on them.  Alcoholics are extremely self-centered individuals who believe everything is about them.  It may be best not to reveal the full truth to friends you used to drink with because no justification will help them understand your reasoning.  While friends and socialization are important, being sober in college can give you the chance to focus more on your studies and achieve your full academic potential.    

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